Govind Sharma

Congratulations to Govind Sharma ji for his outstanding performance in ATC last week session. ATC feels proud to have a Veteran player Mr. Govind Sharma.

I hope most of the senior players of Hyderabad like Mr. Amithpal Singh know about Mr. Govind Sharma very well, I hope Mr. Govind Sharma was like a Ustaad for many Hyderabad players. We are glad to have his son Mr. Chetan Sharma in the core team of ATC as a expert. Mr. Govind Sharma even at 66 age, he has the same zeal as any other young chess players has.  A former national player represented at nationals nearly 15 times. He is a big fan of Bobby fischer. Mr. Govind Sharma left professional play in 1990’s. His rating is about 1600, He was a government employee but now retired. He was very good attacking player, He is known as Giant killer at his young age and many times his name was published in the news papers as Giant killer. He defeated many strong players in India at national level.

At the start of the week International Arbiter Mr. Padma rao was leading the leader board, but soon Mr. Govind Sharma played very good chess and not only surpassed other atc players ratings but reached to a height that no one can catch him in this week.

Last week Winner’s

We have two more celebrations this week.

1. We at ATC call as scientist of Chess Einstein Sibi, Winning Brilliant Trophy

2. ATC star player Winning 3rd place at Iran.

On behalf of all the ATC players we Congratulate Einstein Sibi for winning Brilliant Trophy. Sibi was active player at ATC long ago. His strength in Chess increasing day by day. He too finds, practice is the key to learn chess and he keep practicing with high quality players.

2. AIM Trisha, star player of ATC secured third place at Mashhad, Iran. She had a wonderful tournaments in Iran, got some or the other place in all the three tournaments that she played in Iran. She touched the big mile stone of ELO 2000 for the first time.

Third position at Ferdowsi Cup


Ferdowsi Cup top Board

Ferdowsi Cup Top Board going to be interesting today.  Trisha Playing on top board, it’s a pride moment for Ireland. Trisha who started her chess at Curragh Club, Kildare heading to hit 2000 ELO points at Ferdoswi Cup.

Ferdoswi Cup top Board
Playing on top board

Trisha never had major upsets, her rating increased with slow and steady. She surpassed her elder brother rating who is also her coach. Trisha is unbeaten so far in this tournament still 3 more rounds to go. Ferdowsi Cup Top Board in A category is crucial, as Grand Master battling against International Master to take a sole lead.

Ferdoswi Cup top Board
ELO points inching towards 2000 mark

Ferdowsi Cup Blitz FIDE rated tournament held yesterday as a part of this chess festival and the title clinched by  Grand Master Amantov Farrukh. Top seeded Tajik, who always helps youngsters in analysing the games, and show a right path for Young chess players

Amantov Wins Ferdowsi Blitz

Tarun ended topper in under 14 category click the link for Final Standings

ATC Salutes Vishy

ATC Salutes to Vishy, on his victory at Tal Memorial. We miss Vishy in candidates at Berlin.

Celebrating Vishy victory with Perumallu winning last week ATC title yesterday, feels very Happy, and to add a cherry on top of the cake, ATC star player won the 4th round which made him 4/4 at Ferdoswi Cup, Mashhad, Iran. Tarun says, he may be in top 5 by end of this tournament. Tarun says, after his bad performance in Amol, bit better performance in Ahwaz, he feels he is getting back to deliver the best performance at Mashhad.

Tarun aim to be in top 5

ATC congratulates Perumallu, a senior player of Hyderabad and a reputed coach won the last week ATC title. Nakamura of ATC Suresh Duvvala, could keep his momentum on the last day. It was hectic on the weekend. The final standings are:

Final Standings last week ATC

ATC Congratulates all the winners of last week ATC session.



What is TRIC at ATC

ATC Launched TRIC at Iran. In this virtual world, ATC co-founder thinks, Hyderabad as head office of ATC should not be the main place to launch Tarun Reasearch Institute of Chess. Chess should be anywhere, everywhere and for everyone. The vision of TRIC is to do research activities on chess, details will be rolled out shortly to active players of ATC. The Grand Masters from Armenia, Russia shown interest to take this idea forward. We are planning to invite super Grand Masters to be on our board.

The ATC star player AIM Trisha surpassed AGM Tarun rating. What Tarun experience says is, it is easy to get 2000 rating but sustaining 2000 is very difficult. There are lot of reasons behind losing rating. On debating about rating with Grand Masters, they say, we should never attach to ratings. All we should do is monitor how we are progressing with our game. In India there is a Myth, about rating increase if you fly outside India, but this is wrong. Rating increase decrease happens purely on your performance but not playing in specific locations.

The author of this article and founder Dayanand Kanyamarala of ATC got his rating for the first time 1192. He dedicates his rating to MRMR.


Congratulations to Mallesh

We congratulate Mallesh for his outstanding performance last week. Co-founder of ATC says ” Congratulations to Mallesh, we have been watching all your games specially the last game is amazing”. He won the last week ATC title. This is the first time he won the title at ATC.  Those who don’t know about Mallesh, he is a great chess player and he is working as a coach in reputed school in Secunderabad. He was an average player, 2 years ago, but he is emerging as a strong player. He hails from Mahbubnagar district of Telangana and he guided two players of under 15 to raise their ELO points considerably.  His strength is of peer to peer learning started in Tilaknagar with famous players like Shanmukha, never took any coaching. He developed  chess skills on his own. He does lot of analysis of his own games. He did coaching to few of the atc players. As a friend who I know about Mallesh lived in below poverty line but beleived in chess which is giving a livelihood for him.

Wish you a Happy Holi to all ATC players. Unfortunately, we have black and white pieces on chess, but once you finish the game your heart will be filled with joy of colours.

Trisha won the Championship

Trisha won the Championship category C of Karun cup. The participants are of under 14. Trisha top seeded. It was a tough decision for her as Tarun is playing in B category. Trisha has to play C because they don’t want to play each other. Iranian players are very tuf and past experience of Tarun loosing 52 points in Irans first tournament looks scary. Choosing a tournament is very important for a chess player. He or She should take individual decision rather then informed decisions. Chess player need to consider his or her individual circumstances rather then think about his coach or parents decisions.

Arbiters are strict in Iran. As you all know, we have very little experience on writing skills. The two arbiters were back on me from day 1. I’ve never seen such a strict arbiters in my life. In one of the game, which I played, Aribiter marked one illegal for not writing notation properly. I don’t know whether it is rule by FIDE.

Trisha Tarun finds Aribiters are strict at Iran

Trisha won the Championship at the end of 8th round, still one round to spare. She received 10 million Rials. Our next stop is at Mashhad. The tournament will be at Hotel Hyatt, one of the top most hotel in Iran. It is going to be a big chess festival in Iran. We are bit nervous flying from Ahwaz to Mashhad because few days ago one of the Iran flight crashed and 66 passengers died. Fingers crossed, we reached safe to Mashhad.

Flight from Ahwaz to Mashhad



Anyalysis of my game at Ahwaz, Iran

Analysis of my game: Every professional player like to analyse their games after end of each round. I played a very good game which I want to share. I believe in sharing the knowledge and ATC is all about learning chess on a peer to peer model. I feel, playing blitz frequently spoils the classic style of games. Seeing too many lines also confuses. I know all the lines in grünfeld, but I mixed up the lines and which I had to suffer a disadvantage, pawn down. Luckily, my opponent has time pressure and he couldn’t understand what he has to play. He played three dubious moves which turned out to be my advantage. I got an exchange up, he resigned soon.

Never, memorise too many lines. Always remember concepts and ideas in openings. Sometimes we get a similar position, we simply play casual moves, but we miss the best move. As per my game, instead of 8th move Be3, I should play d5 securing a clear advantage.

ATC players need to watch their this week rating on

Sagar Shah

IM Sagar Shah, well known chess player in India, who defined chess journalism to the world now visiting Hyderabad. It is a pride moment for all the chess players of Hyderabad.

Sagar Shah is a Chartered Accountant and International Masterof Chess, great speaker,host, lecturer, coach etc. He is the CEO of chessbase India

We met him at Bhopal, and he appreciated the innovative idea of Any Time Chess. ATC wishes Mr Sagar Shah and Amrutha for their madien camp at Hyderabad.

India Iran bilateral relations

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visits Hyderabad and offered prayers at 17th Century Mosque – the pride of Hyderabad – Makkah Masjid. While Iranian President is spreading the message of love and affection in Hyderabad, Indian-origin Irish kids Tarun and Trisha are spreading the message of sportsman spirit in Iran. It is more than a mere coincidence. Its about strengthening centuries-old ties between India and Iran.

There are many common features between India and Iran. We picked up few words which match to Indian  words, like Namak (salt). Ustaad (coach), shakar (sugar) many more like these. In chess if you ask for a draw you have to say Mosavi. Salaam for Hello, Qubi for how are you. Ek, do theen, more or less pronounced in Hindi numbering. Persian language is one of the oldest language, very much popular in middle east. The young generation speak very good english, in the next 5 years, english speaking foreigners may not have any difficulty in communication. At present, if you don’t know Farsi, you need to be a champion in Damsharas (sign language).

Tarun Trisha with Ustaad

The parents of Iranian chess players struggle hard like parents of Indian chess players. They keep encouraging the kids always. They take care of diet for their children. The interesting part I have seen here is, FIDE rating tournaments are conducting in the evenings and excpect chess players to attend the school and participate in a fide rating tournaments, we were surprised, fide rating tournaments are very common in Iran unless the GM Tournaments. Rapid and Blitz fide rating tournaments are of every day kind. CHESS is very popular sport after wrestling, ofcourse Football is followed by many.

Tournament Hall
Tournament Hall in Iran Federation

The federation building is huge. It consists of tournament halls, where three fide rating tournaments can be conducted on a single day.

Mothers of chess players

Parents of the chess players come to us and talk in detail about preparation for chess and also exchange the culture of the two nations.

Finally, the main person who is helping two countries to exchange the bilateral relations is none other then Arman Aryanejad. A young dynamic executive director of this circuit.

Karan Johar of Iran is Arman Johar




Congrats Perumallu

ATC feels proud to have such a highly experienced player like Perumallu. Last week ATC session is quite interesting. We have strong player like Kavi Samrat on board. Players like Suresh Duvvala (nakamura of ATC), played some good chess at ATC this week but unable to retain his previous week title.

Perumallu, Winner of last week ATC session

Congrats Perumallu, Harender and Kavi Samrat for winning the top three positions at last week ATC session.

Top 9 winners at Feb 1st week ATC session

It is very hard for kids to spare their time during February and March due to exams. It is hard to spare time for chess, if a student is good at academics. Our star players of ATC looks like they will skip this year exams as they are on nomadic journey of playing chess tournaments.

On a lighter moment, please watch below video on how a full time chess player struggle to learn telugu poems.

ATC founder made is maiden draw at Iran against a 1400 rated player. This is a true example, of how ATC can help to improve chess skills. ATC founder gives credit to Mr. Rammohan Rao (MRMR) for helping him prepare by playing at ATC.  All the chess players of Hyderabad should make the most from ATC, you can’t get players like Perumalu, Duvvala Suresh etc., for a mere cost of Rs 3 a match (if u take pass). If you are looking for cheaper then this cost, then we recommend GM Practice Group.