Congrats Perumallu

ATC feels proud to have such a highly experienced player like Perumallu. Last week ATC session is quite interesting. We have strong player like Kavi Samrat on board. Players like Suresh Duvvala (nakamura of ATC), played some good chess at ATC this week but unable to retain his previous week title.

Perumallu, Winner of last week ATC session

Congrats Perumallu, Harender and Kavi Samrat for winning the top three positions at last week ATC session.

Top 9 winners at Feb 1st week ATC session

It is very hard for kids to spare their time during February and March due to exams. It is hard to spare time for chess, if a student is good at academics. Our star players of ATC looks like they will skip this year exams as they are on nomadic journey of playing chess tournaments.

On a lighter moment, please watch below video on how a full time chess player struggle to learn telugu poems.

ATC founder made is maiden draw at Iran against a 1400 rated player. This is a true example, of how ATC can help to improve chess skills. ATC founder gives credit to Mr. Rammohan Rao (MRMR) for helping him prepare by playing at ATC.  All the chess players of Hyderabad should make the most from ATC, you can’t get players like Perumalu, Duvvala Suresh etc., for a mere cost of Rs 3 a match (if u take pass). If you are looking for cheaper then this cost, then we recommend GM Practice Group.

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