Ireland at 44th Chess Olympiad – Day 8

Team Ireland on Day 8 played against Austria (Open) and got 3 : 1 while Women Team played with El Salvador and got 1½:2½

Irish Open Team at 44th Chess Olympiad

Team Results as on day 8

Irish Women Team at 44th Chess Olympiad

Game Analysis by Tarun

Ireland at 44th Chess Olympiad – Day 7

Team Ireland on Day 7 of Chess Olympiad paid against Egypt in Open and made a draw (2 : 2) while Women Team played with Italy but lost with a score (2½:1½)


Team Results as on Day 7

chess atc

Round 7 Analysis by Tarun

Ireland at 44th Chess Olympiad – Day 5

Open team gained a spectacular win over Zimbabwe (3-1)

Day 5 of the Irish team started with a miracle win as women’s team won on Tajikistan (4-0)

Team Results as on Day 5 of 44th chess Olympiad

Tarun Analysis on Day 5

Ireland at 44th Chess Olympiad – Day 4

LIVE Games: Ireland vs Germany

Irish open team gave a tuff fight to Germany. Cornor has won over GM Bluebaum, Matthias while Tarun drew with GM Svane, Rasmus. Alex and Mark gave their best but could not make a point.


Svane Rasmus vs Kanyamarala Tarun
Keymer Vincent vs Baburin Alexander
Murphy Conor E Vs Bluebaum Matthias
Heidenfeld Mark Vs Kollars Dmitrij

Team Results as on Day 4 of 44th chess Olympiad


Mkrtchian Lilit – Kanyamarala Trisha
O`Gorman Alice – Sargsyan Anna M.
Mkrtchyan Mariam – Putar Lara
Mirza Diana – Gaboyan Susanna

It wasn’t a great start for womens team on day 4 as the team lost against Armenia. But womens team has grabbed wonderful experience playing with Armenian team

Team Results as on Day 4 of 44th chess Olympiad

Tarun Analysis on the Game

Ireland at 44th Chess Olympiad – Day 3

Irish Team started their 3rd day of the Olympiad with birthday celebrations of Head of Delegation for the Irish Team – Nandita Kanyamarala (Development Officer – Irish Chess Union).

Both the teams have achieved amazing results on Day 3.

Open Team were on 4/4 against Ethiopia while Womens Team were at 3.5 over Japan.

Open Team
Womens Team

Team Results as on Day 3 of 44th chess Olympiad

After amazing results by both the teams, the day ended with celebrating birthday of Nandita Kanyamarala for the 2nd time and it was organized by the Hotel Team and Olympiad volunteers, where the players are residing currently in chennai.

Its very impressive to see hospitality of the entire Team and Organizers.

Wishing the Best to both the Irish Teams.

Tarun analysed his own game against Gole Habtamu Ashenafi from Ethiopia. Here is a snippet.[44th Chess Olympiad Open 2022]: Kanyamarala, Tarun – Ashenafi

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Ireland at 44th Chess Olympiad – Day 2

Day 2 at 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 has started with Conor Murphy winning against GM Tabatabaei from Iran and Tarun has drawn with IM Seyed Khalil of Iran while Alex and Tom gave their best against GM Maghsoodloo and GM Idani of Iran.

Team were looking Fabulous with the blazers sponsered by EiraHost an Irish IT Firm

Open Team has got the previlege of winning and drawing with GM and IM. Coming to womens team, Trisha drew with GM Hoang of Hungary and Alice drew with IM Lazarne of Hungary while Lara and Diana gave their best against WIM Gaal Zsoka and WIM Terbe Julianna of Hungary.

Day 2 Open
Day 2 Women

Team Results as on Day 2 of 44th chess Olympiad

Tarun analysed his own game against Mousavi Seyed Khalil from Iran. Here is a snippet.

Ireland at 44th Chess Olympiad – Day 1

Day 1 at 44th Chess Olympiad 2022 has been great for Ireland as it registered wins in all games in both open and women’s category.

In the open category, Ireland played and won 4 games against Maldives while in women category, Ireland played and won 4 games against Myanmar.

Irish Team – Women
Irish Team – Open

Tarun analysed his own game against Yazeed Mujahid Bin from Myanmar. Here is a snippet.

4NCL Online Season 2: Kicks-off

By Tarun

The biggest Online Chess League 4NCL Online Season 2 Round 1 started on 25th August. Season 2 is good as the previous season with over 229 teams across 6 Divisions playing on

4NCL Online League format is pretty simple. After 7 rounds of swiss play, top 4 teams from respective division play semi-final and then, Final. Thou, this is for Division 1-4. For more details refer to 4NCL Offical Site.

Chessable White Rose 1 vs Blackthorne Russia:

Quite a suprising yet exciting pairing. Top Favorite teams battle against each other in round 1. The reigning champions outweigh Blackthorne Russia by 100 average team rating points.

Chessable vs Blackthorne Russia | Scoreboard

Blackthorne Russia scared Chessable White Rose 1 with Danny’s Big win against Gawain. See how Danny won against Gawain.

Before you see the game. Step into the foot steps of Danny

After this game, scores were level 1-1. John Emms was the first one to score a point for the team and 4NCL Online season 2, pointed out by the reigning champions tweet

Renowned author deserves best game of the round prize.

GM John M Emms Photo
Authors of 40+ Chess Books! John Emms| Photo: John Upham

Christof relieved team pressure by winning against Adam Taylor. The game was uncertain till White’s 43rd move. Where White Blundered.

The ball was on Blackthorne Russia’s Court. Having 2-1 Chessable White Rose were guaranteed a draw at least. The remaining game was Board 2. From the start, Richard had an upper hand. In the late middle-game, he was a whole knight up. So it was expected that the match scores would be 2-2, but in a tense-time scramble, Richard missed many winning opportunities. Finally, the game ended in a draw

Chessable White Rose 4NCL: Tweet
A much-needed win for the reigning champions
A great save by IM Adair James | Photo: ECF Chess

Guilford Young Guns vs Broadland Kestrels:

Guildford won without much of a hassle. Scoring 3-1. The team is led my GM Romain Edouard – 2nd highest rated player in division 2, if not at least round 1. So you can say the team’s biggest asset.

Romain had a smooth victory against Michael Harris. Early in the game white got the bishop pair and lion’s share in the center all under 8 moves.

Wood Green vs Sussex Social Isolaters:

Wood Green were too strong for Sussex Social Isolater. This was the only match in Division 1, where 100% was the winning rate. Wood Green had 3 IM’s and 1 FM with 2300+ rating playing this round.

There were many interesting games, but it is hard to cover them all in one article. Contact me at, if you want to share your game or some interesting game played in the 4NCL Online.

The USA vs Ireland Friendly Match: Peter Carroll’s Best Victory

by Tarun

Irish Chess Union and US Chess organized a friendly match. The match was held on 27th June. Ireland lost the match by 1 point. I’m analyzing the best victories of my Irish teammates. This time, I share my insights on Candidate Master (CM) Peter Carroll’s best victory in the match against Aakash Meduri.

Match Poster
The official US vs Ireland Match Poster`|Credits: US Chess Website

CM Peter Carroll played on the 12th board for Ireland. He battled against USA’s Aakash Meduri. The match outcome was 2-2. The final game of their board match was crucial for the Irish Team. If Peter wins, Ireland levels the score with 5. The USA only needs a draw to win the match. The latter happened, but I was amazed to see Peter escaping from dead-losing position to only a piece down.

Score Table
Best of 4 | Carroll Peter – Aakash Meduri Score Table

Decoding Peter Carroll’s Game

Feel free to watch the content you want. The below links are there to watch the content you wish to watch.

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