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Online Blitz Registration

    Three main reasons why you should play ATC Online Blitz:

    • Blitz helps us to improve our openings and in fast decision making.
    • Earn cash prizes daily and weekly.
    • Play Tournaments everyday.

    ATC – Any Time Chess has started a new version called online blitz. It starts on Monday and ends on Sunday weekly. The game format of ATC online blitz is 3m+2s  increment. ATC has its own rating system which will be updated after every tournament. Every player will get a initial rating of 1000 on Monday. Rating will be increased/decreased depending upon the performance.

    We have two types of cash prizes:

    • Top 3 Perfect Practitioners will get prizes daily.
    • Top 9 players will be given prize on the basis of ATC leaderboard by the end of the week (Sunday).

    Players have two choices:

    1. Play free with no prize money.
    2. Pay Rs.1000 (can play 300 blitz games) and become eligible to get prize money.

    New players need to fill registration form (below) to become a member of ATC, after which you will be eligible to play ATC online blitz, provided you have chess.com account. Watch this video to know “how to play ATC Online Tournaments”.

    Once the form is filled go to https://www.chess.com/club/anytimechess and click join and then submit.
    ATC online games are played on chess.com
    Tournament Schedule:  Three Arena tournaments daily based on IST – (Indian Standard Time).

      • 5pm – 7pm
      • 7:30pm – 9:30pm
      • 10pm – 12am
    1. ATC has separate WhatsApp and Messenger group called AnyTimeChess, where you can see all the updates about AnyTimeChess. Tournament links will be sent in these groups everyday prior to the start of tournament. Once you register the form you will be added to the above ATC groups.
    2. Rating will be displayed at superkidschess.com or chessatc.com as soon the tournament finishes.
    3. Phone calls regarding tournament or any other enquiries will not be entertained. We prefer email communication. You can send mail to info@chessatc.com
    4. We will increase the number of tournaments a day in future by giving atleast one week prior information.
    5. In case of discrepancy tournaments director decision will be final and binding.[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]