September Special

It’s time for September Special Offer to ATC chess players. It is evident that ATC is helping to improve the game of almost all the chess players of ATC.  We Congratulate Mr. Bharath Poluri for winning Runner up Prize in the recently concluded FIDE tournament at Hyderabad. Bharath is a active player at ATC and holds title almost every week, and he is the main contender for every day prizes at ATC. We also Congratulate Mr. MRMR for winning Best Veteran at the same tournament. ATC star players Tarun got 11th and Trisha got 19th at Adra Tournament, Tarun surprised every one by making Draw with Grand Master in a crucial Match. Tanmay celebrated his Birthday on 23rd this month, by giving a self Gift for himself from his winnings at ATC. Tanmay Chopra a upcoming player from Delhi, gained tremendous strength for the last three months. There is no doubt in saying that he will cross  rating 2000 psychological mark this year.

We would like to take this opportunity to Announce September Special Offer. If you are a ATC player, you can introduce your friend who wants to play at ATC. (Your friend should have, never played ATC online Blitz). If your friend buys a Pass, then you will receive Rs 250 and your friend will receive Rs 250 credited to your ATC accounts after one week. This offer is valid for only one month i.e., from 1st September 2018 to 30th September 2018.

If you want to avail this offer, simply send a email about your friend. In case of disperency, ATC decision is final and binding.

Finally, Wish you All A Happy Raksha Bhandan, we celebrated on Train while we are coming back from Adra with famous Bengal sweet Roshogulla🍜 We Thank world Guinness book holder Raghav Srivastava for celebrating Raksha Bandan with us. (Missed you Chetan Bhaiya).