What is TRIC at ATC

ATC Launched TRIC at Iran. In this virtual world, ATC co-founder thinks, Hyderabad as head office of ATC should not be the main place to launch Tarun Reasearch Institute of Chess. Chess should be anywhere, everywhere and for everyone. The vision of TRIC is to do research activities on chess, details will be rolled out shortly to active players of ATC. The Grand Masters from Armenia, Russia shown interest to take this idea forward. We are planning to invite super Grand Masters to be on our board.

The ATC star player AIM Trisha surpassed AGM Tarun rating. What Tarun experience says is, it is easy to get 2000 rating but sustaining 2000 is very difficult. There are lot of reasons behind losing rating. On debating about rating with Grand Masters, they say, we should never attach to ratings. All we should do is monitor how we are progressing with our game. In India there is a Myth, about rating increase if you fly outside India, but this is wrong. Rating increase decrease happens purely on your performance but not playing in specific locations.

The author of this article and founder Dayanand Kanyamarala of ATC got his rating for the first time 1192. He dedicates his rating to MRMR.


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  1. This is a great news that u got 1192 rating with some health issues and also children related issues.
    Let me have the previlege of playing with a high rated player than meon lins.
    I am only 1133.
    Waiting for appointment.

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