Team Tournament

Team Tournament at ATC Hi-tech city branch

First Team Tournament at ATC

The much awaited team tournament is now going to start at ATC.

Play CHESS with fun, this is one of the main theme for the success of ATC. We the team of ATC introduced many formats which give fun and we keep changing the formats. Our main model of ATC remains same but we introduce different formats in conjunction with our core model.

This time we are introducing team tournaments in conjuction with ATC. The first of its kind will be played from 11th December 2017 till 13th December 2017. There is no entry fee for this tournament. However, regular fee of Rs.10 per match will be applied and you get the rating in our core model of ATC. Prize Fund for this team tournament is Rs. 1000.

  • Time control is 30 min plus 30 sec increment.
  • Three matches will be conducted per day.

In case of tie, Blitz will be played on 4th day, incase if there is further tie, Prize fund will be shared.

Start Time of this Team Tournament will be at 6pm.

Tournament will be conducted on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of every week. Only two teams are allowed to participate in a week.

Come and challenge our strong chess players with your team and get a new experience filled with entertainment in our glorious chess field. This will be a unique team tournament that will not only give you practice and fun but it also gives you a good social network in chess.

ATC would like you to take part in our team tournament and get a new experience.

1st Team available to play  team tournament at ATC will be

1. Chetan (As Captain)

2. Tarun

3. Trisha

Do you want to challenge our ATC team?

Register below to participate in Team Chess Tournament.

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