Read Vishy’s Mind

I tried to Read Vishy’s Mind, as Vishwanathan Anand playing Altibox at Norway.  The world’s Strongest players battling on the board at Norway. It is an interesting game. Watch the below video.

Most of the senior players like IM CRG, FM Srinath Rao, IM Chakravarthy Reddy etc., have better understanding then me about the game. It would be great if some seniors comprehend the games played by one of the strongest players of the world. The local talent is in abundance, its the time for organisers to provide seniors a platform. We thank our local organisers for conducting regular tournaments and practice sessions. I have seen chess skills increasing to great heights by playing regular tournaments, take for example of Mr. Prakash.  Earlier, I use to play with him with ease but now I need preparation to face him.  Increase of over 100 points at KIIT by Sibi itself proves that continuous practice can create wonders. We expected more with Akira  but still he performed very well. All the best, Reddy brothers for future tournaments.