Play at ATC for free

Chess players can Play at ATC for free. AnyTimeChess believes in practice makes perfect introduces free games at ATC. Chess players can choose to pay or not to pay.  If chess players pay, they will be contenders for Prize Money. Chess players at ATC has a liberty of not to pay the fee and can play for free, if they are not interested  in Prize money. All the players get rating, so that they can see where they stand with the fellow chess players.

We thank all the chess players around the world who are participating on our online ATC blitz, looking at their interest, we will be running ATC Online everyday. The timings for Online Blitz tournament start at 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm, 7:30pm, 10pm  IST.

ATC wish to enhance the Prize Fund to Rs 10,000 a week. We are doubling the Prize Fund. The weekly prize of Rs 5,000 remains same. We are now introducing daily rating prizes. The top three players who increase their individual ratings will be eligible for daily prizes. These daily prizes will  be given to those who pay the game fee. There are three exclusive rating prizes every day.

Perfect Practitioner Prizes

1st  PRIZE Rs 300

2nd PRIZE Rs 200

3rd PRIZE Rs 100

Weekly Prizes

1st PRIZE Rs  1,500

2nd PRIZE Rs 1,000

3rd PRIZE Rs   800

4th PRIZE Rs   600

5th PRIZE Rs   400

6th PRIZE  Rs   300

7th PRIZE  Rs   200

8th PRIZE  Rs   100

9th PRIZE   Rs  100

We have consolation prizes of Rs 800 for best games, analysis and puzzles, details will be published later.