Nano Cup

It’s weekend, time for spending our time at Local tournament and we are near to much awaiting 1st ever Nano Cup. It is a great opportunity for Hyderabad players. ATC salutes to Mr. Krishna Chaitanya for sponsoring. Hyderabad Chess needs people who have great heart like Mr. Krishna. Nano Cup organised by experienced Arbiter, none other then Mr. Sampath Bollam and other team members Mr. Srinivas Raju and Mr. Damera Srinivas.

It is unfortunate that we are colliding with one of finest GM Tournaments circuit which is currently on the second leg at KIIT. We got a chance to talk to one of the organiser, who is also a coach, Mr. Srinivas Raju.

We welcome Chetan Sharma from Hyderabad, Tanmay Chopra from Delhi and Sainath Gaikwad from Mumbai who joined our ATC online today.  Saikath from Pune crushed at the start of the week, struggled hard and to be on top 9s. Offline hero Perumallu, played some serious games and zooming to the top.

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  1. Great job, keep it up, heartening for we, parents to note that individuals/ institutions are coming forward to promote chess in Hyderabad, kudos n thanks to them.Ideally, it will be nice,if all limitations should be overcome to avoid clash with other good tournaments.

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