Christmas Holidays for Chess ATC

Any Time Chess (ATC) both the branches will be closed for one week due to Christmas. It is closed from 25th December till New year eve. We wish all the ATC chess players a Happy Christmas and New Year. We hope ATC provided you a great  platform  to experience and practice chess for the past year.


ATC introduced Free Blitz for power players, Classic match experience by experts for the players who are building their career in chess and on entertainment aspect we brought in ATC ka KBC which created lots of fun on the social media. We opened our new branch at Hi-tech city to provide ATC services to Cyberabad catchment area.

Our main aim is to provide facility to learn chess at affordable cost and make chess players to believe in themselves. Our experts guide the chess players to build their career and constantly in touch with the parents and the players.

ATC wishes to extend its services to other parts of India, as most of the parents and chess players of other states appreciated ATC services and its model. ATC is trying to take this concept to a different level by taking help of high intellectuals from premier business schools. ATC is also studying the mass grassroot level models from Ireland, Norway and Gujarat and trying to implement. The idea is to leverage the strengths of collective interest of chess players to play chess and reward them for playing chess, regardless of winning or losing a game.

On the technology front, ATC introduced online accounting system, robust model for rating. Though we made an attempt to reward the demolisher, we did not take it forward due to technical reasons. ATC has developed its own android app, where player can check his rating, his account online anywhere. You can search for “Chess ATC” in Android PlayStore and download the app. We planned to have a event for launch of this app, but our star players playing the biggest circuit of India’s GM tournaments, moving all over India from Bhopal, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. ATC players will soon get access to app in few days.

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ATC Co-founders Tarun and Trisha wishes you all a warm and happy chess year ahead.