ATC now in Hi-Tech City

The word ATC has become very popular among chess players.

Players aged 6 to 60 years come here to play everyday. Looking at the spirit and identifying the need for a practice platform, ATC team has taken a step forward to open the extension of ATC  in KPHB colony, 7th phase near Hi-tech city railway station.


New branch will be starting from 20 Nov 2017 (from 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm) and will be open everyday. A well-known player and coach Chetan Sharma will be the in-charge of hi-tech city branch. AGM Tarun and AIM Trisha will also be visiting this branch on a daily basis.

ATC is happy to announce that the new branch will issue a free one week pass to all the players who come to ATC hi-tech city branch on Monday. This weekly pass will be valid only in hi-tech city branch.

We encourage players to visit our new branch and start their practice with the fellow players.

ATC in Ramnagar will continue to operate  from 1 pm to 9 pm everyday. (ATC in Ramnagar will be open in the morning hours, if the players inform us in advance).

Team ATC thanks everyone for making our Ramnagar branch a meaningful platform for many players and we look forward the same in our second branch at hi-tech city.

Address:LIG-282, 7th phase,

KPHB Colony,

Near Hi-Tech city Railway Station,

(1 pm – 9 pm) Everyday.

Contact : 8639225814 (Chetan Sharma)