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ATC is the Driving Force..Article written by RamMohanRao few months ago.

I entered in to chess field in 2014 Only as a raw hand after retirement.
Initially I was enjoying my defeats at the hands of even small children. I was being beaten black and blue by every one. The children used to ask me “uncle what is your rating?” Since i did not know what is meant by rating i learned from others.

Then I learnt a little bit of QGD and with some little effort i got a rating of 1136 in 2015, but playing a number of rated tournaments later my rating crashed to 1022 and then to zero on 30th november 2017.

In this period I became a regular player at ATC started by MR.Dayanand. The regular practice gave me lot of confidence besides some more knowledge.
I played a recently concluded Below 1500 at paradise Hyderabad as unrated player.😄again.

I could not myself believe that by the end of 3 day event I could beat 3 rated players and drew with one with 4.5 points. My performance rating is now given as1147. So I was unrated only for one night😄😀 that is 30th november. THIS CREDIT SHALL GO TO ATC.

So, ATC is the driving force for any chess player.Madhu got 6 points yesterday.
One has to simply sit in ATC car as frequently as possible and Mr.Dayanand will drive you to wins.

I am now enjoying my wins and new rating which came overnight.

Good luck to all of u.



Exciting finish

World school chess championship ending in an exciting finish. I think Trisha missed wishes from few of her fans and after battling for 5 hours, she lost the game. Tarun is relieved from the pressure of medal tally, so all he can do is enjoy his rest of the games and make a respectable finish.

There were many upsets yesterday, Azerbaijan famous player Babazada Khazzar lost for the first time in this championship.

Tarun didn’t do any preparation, enjoyed all day at swimming pool at FAFA resort and his food.  He made a easy win. We are constantly posting chess related videos, games etc., on different groups in social media, if the administration of any group have objection please let us know and we can refrain further posting. We feel that the publication we do relating to chess is informative and educative for all the chess players.

At ATC Senior player Perumallu lost lot of points yesterday which is helping Vishy Kannam to hit a Hatrick this week. Perumallu sets an example, that rating points is not for preserving, infact it should help to take risk and learn the beauty of the game chess.




Nityata Jain

World School Chess Championship under 15 Nityata Jain will be playing a crucial match on second board round 7. Nityata Jain is the only contender from India in under 15 category. Nityata Jain is a Asian Champion and National Schools Chess Champion 2018.

The co-founders of ATC played good chess today that made Trisha again to the top board. You can follow Trisha game below. Trisha can be main contender for Gold if she wins tomorrow.


Tarun may not be in the race as he lost two crucial games. You may watch Tarun game, round 6th.

At  ATC Ramnagar, it looks like Vishy Kannam going to hit a hatrick. It is a great opportunity for young players like Srinadan, Sai teja, Rithvik to learn from top three players Perumallu, Vishy Kannam and Govind Sharma Ji.

ATC will be conducting online Blitz tournaments on www.chess.com and it is accounted for ATC rating. This will be implemented soon as we are in the final phase of software upgradation.



  • ATC Congratulate Vishwanath Kannam for last week ATC session. As most of us in Hyderabad knows, he bets big. He aims for big prize money tournaments and won many big cash prizes. A humble and silent player from Telangana wins last week ATC title.
Vishy Kannam Champion

A report on world schools chess championship from Albania. As you all aware of the two players from ATC playing at world event at Albania had a mixed day. One win and one loss.

ATC players played on top boards. Tarun lost to a top seeded and Trisha made a comfortable win. It is hectic here at Albania and couldn’t concentrate on ATC online Blitz. Apologies for that. We thank Chessbase India for covering World Schools Chess Championships.

Tarun had a very bad throat as Muddasir bhai predicted before the start of the event about our health. It’s a very big sea beside us but can’t drink a glass of good water. You can watch the slowness of tarun in the below video and effected his game.




Vishy Kannam

It’s going to be one more victory for Vishy Kannam in this week of ATC session. We congratulate Vishy Kannam for his last week ATC title. We hope he wins this week ATC title.

ATC players had a flying start at World Schools Chess Championship, at Albania. AIM Trisha top seeded in under 13 Girls category played against Israel Girl. Click on below link to know how she made a easy win. Round 1

AGM Tarun played his first match against Russian player. It was bit lengthy game but ended in a win for Tarun, have look on how he managed to win on this link.  Tarun round 1

You can follow ATC players on this link World Schools Chess Championship
Irish players


Exchange Sacrifices

I would like to share my 2 favorite Exchange Sacrifices (♖ for ♝/♞) games.

Lot of Club level player Believe they are simply rook down.Which sometimes is correct, but not all the times.

Concepts of Exchange Sacrifices.They are 2 different type of Exchange sacrifices. 1.Attacking ideas 2.Defending Ideas

Attacking Exchange sacrifce:

Garry Kasparov played Rxc3 This is an attacking Exchange Sacrifice

Major Concepts for Attacking Exchange sacrifice

  • To destroy the opponent’s king shelter(as Garry did in above diagram)
  • Bishop Pair(see my game with Suresh)

Defending Exchange sacrifice

My favorite player Mikhail Botvinnik played this strong defending exchange sacrifice

Major Concepts for Defending Exchange sacrifice

  • To close an open file
  • When it is strong pieces than our Rook

Tarun vs Suresh 1-0 The above game played against Mr. Suresh Duvvala who is leading this week ATC session was winning because I had too many pawns, the below Example  is more interesting and worth investigating.

1 Can you believe that I won this exchange down dry position?

Tarun vs Akira Positional Exchange sacrifice 1-0

Lets see today’s Tragicomedy


Black to play.
Black played h6-h5 which went on to lose.
Can you find the better move for Black?
Leaving the beach, heading to Slovakia

Babazada Khazzar

I played my 4th round against Babazada Khazzar, he is from Azerbaijan, My rating is 300 points below his rating. His nature of crazy actions made me to win against him.

On behalf of ATC, I congratulate Mr. Govindlal Sharma for winning this week ATC title. It is a great opportunity I am missing to play and learn from Mr. Govindlal Sharma. Chess is a game where, passion towards chess outpaces software’s or any other learning material. I digged superkidschess archives and found that in 2014 at this same place  Mr. Govindlal Sharma won best Veteran, but now in the same venue, with lot more young and dynamic chess players he is  winning titles week on week. You can read our archive here.

Batumi 7th round

European Championships, Batumi  7th round, here we go with few interesting games which Irish lad played. I had a bad start at Georgia, but I made nearly 100 points up so far. The 7th round opponent is an International Master from Vienna, Austria. He had a tremendous experience and he played with highly experienced players like Topalov Veselin.

ATC players, don’t loose hope if you had a bad start Mondays, this is what I implemented in my case, and success following from the subsequent rounds.

I hope Mr. Govind Sharma Ji will fulfill his dream of crossing 1200 at ATC. As far as I know only Mr. Suresh Duvvala crossed this physiological mark of 1200  at AnyTimeChess long ago. You can read about Mr. Suresh record on this link.

International Arbiter

Mr. Padma Rao, International Arbiter speaks about CHESS ATC. He is a well know person in Hyderabad Chess Community, thou he is maintaining a low profile, but he wants to be an active player, arbiter and coach after seeing the players at ATC. International Arbiter now changing his role to Harsha Bhogle at chessATC in our next article, watch out for it🤣🤣🤔🤔

ATC star players relaxing on the coast of Georgia after their hectic tournaments at Iran and building their muscles to fight at European Chess Championship.

Thank you for your comments and wishes to Mr. Govindlal Sharma. According to Chetan Sharma, he says:

“Thank you every one for congratulating him. He don’t have personal phone so I showed all your wishes to him and he was so inspired that today morning when I wake up I saw chess board and pieces and position on chess board  was in middle game and Zurich 1953 international tournament book was beside chess board and my father was analysing the games..he told me I want to improve my game and he asked me to take out fischer books which he was analysing in his young age and he wants to win this week Atc title  also so he wants to practice a lot..and he asked me tomorrow onwards we will go for tennikoit playing to be physically fit..and his life has been changed and again he wants to play chess.. this is all because of ATC thank you Dayanand sir and all ATC team  and ATC players making a good platform for chess players, now my father told me his target is to achieve 1200 atc rating fininishing in this week..thank you once again every one who wished”.

MRMR says: Chethanji
Your father’s presence at ATC will inspire everyone young and old. Please bring him as long as he wishes.
Mrs. Ruchi Rajan from Delhi says:
Age is never a limit in chess..Atc is indeed a great platform .. Keeps you motivated always to do better and better.
Mr. K.V. Anand says: Congatulations to Sri Govindlal sharm. very happy to see Sri .Govindlal sharmaji after long time.He secured 3rd place in a tournament conducted by Karimnagar district chess association  at Karimnagar in 1988 . In that tournament P.D.S. Girinath is  winner and other prize winners are T.Damodhar Rao,Vijayasaradhi,Ramdas,Quavi saif and S.Ravinder Singh (now Karimnagar Mayor)
Mr. Alok from Delhi assures: Mr. Govindlal Sharma, sure of reaching his target 1200 ATC rating this week.
Mr. Pramod, a famous arbiter for the state Telangana and Karnataka appreciates the interest in a 66year elderly man towards chess.