Exchange Sacrifices

I would like to share my 2 favorite Exchange Sacrifices (♖ for ♝/♞) games.

Lot of Club level player Believe they are simply rook down.Which sometimes is correct, but not all the times.

Concepts of Exchange Sacrifices.They are 2 different type of Exchange sacrifices. 1.Attacking ideas 2.Defending Ideas

Attacking Exchange sacrifce:

Garry Kasparov played Rxc3 This is an attacking Exchange Sacrifice

Major Concepts for Attacking Exchange sacrifice

  • To destroy the opponent’s king shelter(as Garry did in above diagram)
  • Bishop Pair(see my game with Suresh)

Defending Exchange sacrifice

My favorite player Mikhail Botvinnik played this strong defending exchange sacrifice

Major Concepts for Defending Exchange sacrifice

  • To close an open file
  • When it is strong pieces than our Rook

Tarun vs Suresh 1-0 The above game played against Mr. Suresh Duvvala who is leading this week ATC session was winning because I had too many pawns, the below Example  is more interesting and worth investigating.

1 Can you believe that I won this exchange down dry position?

Tarun vs Akira Positional Exchange sacrifice 1-0

Lets see today’s Tragicomedy


Black to play.
Black played h6-h5 which went on to lose.
Can you find the better move for Black?
Leaving the beach, heading to Slovakia

Ferdowsi Cup top Board

Ferdowsi Cup Top Board going to be interesting today.  Trisha Playing on top board, it’s a pride moment for Ireland. Trisha who started her chess at Curragh Club, Kildare heading to hit 2000 ELO points at Ferdoswi Cup.

Ferdoswi Cup top Board
Playing on top board

Trisha never had major upsets, her rating increased with slow and steady. She surpassed her elder brother rating who is also her coach. Trisha is unbeaten so far in this tournament still 3 more rounds to go. Ferdowsi Cup Top Board in A category is crucial, as Grand Master battling against International Master to take a sole lead.

Ferdoswi Cup top Board
ELO points inching towards 2000 mark

Ferdowsi Cup Blitz FIDE rated tournament held yesterday as a part of this chess festival and the title clinched by  Grand Master Amantov Farrukh. Top seeded Tajik, who always helps youngsters in analysing the games, and show a right path for Young chess players

Amantov Wins Ferdowsi Blitz

Tarun ended topper in under 14 category click the link for Final Standings