International Women’s Day

Wish you all A Happy International Women’s Day. Thank you for all your wishes for my yesterday round.

Veerabhadra Asan

If I win my 8th round, I want to dedicate my today winning to all the Port Women, who constantly keep encouraging me and read all my boring blogs about Chess. There are 2 more rounds to go, If I win these two rounds, I may be the champion, but looks like I may be in top three, if I don’t perform well today and tomorrow. I will be in Tbilisi in two days time, representing Ireland at European Chess Championship at Batumi. European Championship is one the toughest Championships in the world. If I get one among top 200, then I feel I am lucky. I am 400th seed on the list.


Yoga is keeping me mentally fit. I spend around 30 min every day. I hope to do for at least one hour. As a chess player, I need to sit for hours together, a single classical match can run for 4hrs to 5 hrs.

  • Parvathasan

Last year on the same day I received Arena FIDE master. This year, I am Arena International Master and crossed ELO 2000.

3 thoughts on “International Women’s Day”

  1. Wish all lovely cases for you in life .
    Wish grate happiness and kindness.
    Always be chess champion and step on step 1 .
    You medal is gold .
    Be care and regards.

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