4NCL Online Season 2: Kicks-off

By Tarun

The biggest Online Chess League 4NCL Online Season 2 Round 1 started on 25th August. Season 2 is good as the previous season with over 229 teams across 6 Divisions playing on lichess.org.

4NCL Online League format is pretty simple. After 7 rounds of swiss play, top 4 teams from respective division play semi-final and then, Final. Thou, this is for Division 1-4. For more details refer to 4NCL Offical Site.

Chessable White Rose 1 vs Blackthorne Russia:

Quite a suprising yet exciting pairing. Top Favorite teams battle against each other in round 1. The reigning champions outweigh Blackthorne Russia by 100 average team rating points.

Chessable vs Blackthorne Russia | Scoreboard

Blackthorne Russia scared Chessable White Rose 1 with Danny’s Big win against Gawain. See how Danny won against Gawain.

Before you see the game. Step into the foot steps of Danny

After this game, scores were level 1-1. John Emms was the first one to score a point for the team and 4NCL Online season 2, pointed out by the reigning champions tweet

Renowned author deserves best game of the round prize.

GM John M Emms Photo
Authors of 40+ Chess Books! John Emms| Photo: John Upham

Christof relieved team pressure by winning against Adam Taylor. The game was uncertain till White’s 43rd move. Where White Blundered.

The ball was on Blackthorne Russia’s Court. Having 2-1 Chessable White Rose were guaranteed a draw at least. The remaining game was Board 2. From the start, Richard had an upper hand. In the late middle-game, he was a whole knight up. So it was expected that the match scores would be 2-2, but in a tense-time scramble, Richard missed many winning opportunities. Finally, the game ended in a draw

Chessable White Rose 4NCL: Tweet
A much-needed win for the reigning champions
A great save by IM Adair James | Photo: ECF Chess

Guilford Young Guns vs Broadland Kestrels:

Guildford won without much of a hassle. Scoring 3-1. The team is led my GM Romain Edouard – 2nd highest rated player in division 2, if not at least round 1. So you can say the team’s biggest asset.

Romain had a smooth victory against Michael Harris. Early in the game white got the bishop pair and lion’s share in the center all under 8 moves.

Wood Green vs Sussex Social Isolaters:

Wood Green were too strong for Sussex Social Isolater. This was the only match in Division 1, where 100% was the winning rate. Wood Green had 3 IM’s and 1 FM with 2300+ rating playing this round.

There were many interesting games, but it is hard to cover them all in one article. Contact me at tarun@chessatc.com, if you want to share your game or some interesting game played in the 4NCL Online.