Urban to Rural

Migrating from Urban to Rural, is the present chess scenario in Hyderabad Chess. When we use to conduct every Sunday tournaments in Super kids chess academy, inspite of lot of hurdles, we still manage to run for nearly two years. Then we brought a innovative model ATC. It proved to be one of the best model and appreciated among the chess community accross the world. The main draw back was, it need to be played over the Board at ATC Ramnagar branch. We introduced online ATC and now it is serving entire world and players are improving their skills.

Dr. Chowdari Satyanarayana

I request all the parents, coaches, organisers, local association work closely in conducting tournaments every week. This is a must for all emerging players of Hyderabad. As a parent, who born and broughtup  in Hyderabad looking for chess tournaments in rural and even travelling out of Telangana to test my kids on what they are learning everyday. Moving Urban to Rural is a big pain but I feel it is a must in the journey of chess for ATC star players.

Players who are on tie breaker

We recently played tournaments at Gudivada and Srikakulam, ATC star players got a chance to meet high rated players, coaches and also got a chance to exchange of knowledge and had a chance to participate in a seminar on Art of Attacking.

Trisha receiving Prize from Ex I & B Minister

We thank Andhra Pradesh Organisers for providing us an opportunity for ATC star players to test their strengths and weakness. A special Thanks to Kartikeya Chess Academy for conducting such a big tournament in Srikakulam.

Tarun last round
7th round