Written by RamMohanRao

ATC is the Driving Force..Article written by RamMohanRao few months ago.

I entered in to chess field in 2014 Only as a raw hand after retirement.
Initially I was enjoying my defeats at the hands of even small children. I was being beaten black and blue by every one. The children used to ask me “uncle what is your rating?” Since i did not know what is meant by rating i learned from others.

Then I learnt a little bit of QGD and with some little effort i got a rating of 1136 in 2015, but playing a number of rated tournaments later my rating crashed to 1022 and then to zero on 30th november 2017.

In this period I became a regular player at ATC started by MR.Dayanand. The regular practice gave me lot of confidence besides some more knowledge.
I played a recently concluded Below 1500 at paradise Hyderabad as unrated player.😄again.

I could not myself believe that by the end of 3 day event I could beat 3 rated players and drew with one with 4.5 points. My performance rating is now given as1147. So I was unrated only for one night😄😀 that is 30th november. THIS CREDIT SHALL GO TO ATC.

So, ATC is the driving force for any chess player.Madhu got 6 points yesterday.
One has to simply sit in ATC car as frequently as possible and Mr.Dayanand will drive you to wins.

I am now enjoying my wins and new rating which came overnight.

Good luck to all of u.