The USA vs Ireland Friendly Match: Peter Carroll’s Best Victory

by Tarun

Irish Chess Union and US Chess organized a friendly match. The match was held on 27th June. Ireland lost the match by 1 point. I’m analyzing the best victories of my Irish teammates. This time, I share my insights on Candidate Master (CM) Peter Carroll’s best victory in the match against Aakash Meduri.

Match Poster
The official US vs Ireland Match Poster`|Credits: US Chess Website

CM Peter Carroll played on the 12th board for Ireland. He battled against USA’s Aakash Meduri. The match outcome was 2-2. The final game of their board match was crucial for the Irish Team. If Peter wins, Ireland levels the score with 5. The USA only needs a draw to win the match. The latter happened, but I was amazed to see Peter escaping from dead-losing position to only a piece down.

Score Table
Best of 4 | Carroll Peter – Aakash Meduri Score Table

Decoding Peter Carroll’s Game

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