Major Shiva Prasad

TSCA Vice President Major Shiva Prasad graced the Prize Distribution ceremony at 146th Brilliant Trophy.

Major Shiva Prasad applauded J. Subramanium for successfully conducting 146th Brilliant Trophy. He said how Brilliant Trophy started in 2006. You can hear to his speech in the above video.

Let us talk about ATC star players performance at Brilliant. As usual, Tarun and Trisha paired against each other at 3rd round. As you all know, both are preparing together, so they know each other moves and it ended up in a draw. We predicted if there is a draw there is a likely chance that we may not get 146th Brilliant Trophy, it happened exactly how we predicted. I want to share my experiences with you all about my 4th and subsequent rounds. If I write a story about 4th and 5th rounds, it will take lot of time and probably you may get bored. So, please watch below video.

ATC Congratulates Shanmukha for winning 146th Brilliant Trophy. Trisha Runnerup and Tarun ended 3rd.