International Arbiter

Mr. Padma Rao, International Arbiter speaks about CHESS ATC. He is a well know person in Hyderabad Chess Community, thou he is maintaining a low profile, but he wants to be an active player, arbiter and coach after seeing the players at ATC. International Arbiter now changing his role to Harsha Bhogle at chessATC in our next article, watch out for it🤣🤣🤔🤔

ATC star players relaxing on the coast of Georgia after their hectic tournaments at Iran and building their muscles to fight at European Chess Championship.

Thank you for your comments and wishes to Mr. Govindlal Sharma. According to Chetan Sharma, he says:

“Thank you every one for congratulating him. He don’t have personal phone so I showed all your wishes to him and he was so inspired that today morning when I wake up I saw chess board and pieces and position on chess board  was in middle game and Zurich 1953 international tournament book was beside chess board and my father was analysing the games..he told me I want to improve my game and he asked me to take out fischer books which he was analysing in his young age and he wants to win this week Atc title  also so he wants to practice a lot..and he asked me tomorrow onwards we will go for tennikoit playing to be physically fit..and his life has been changed and again he wants to play chess.. this is all because of ATC thank you Dayanand sir and all ATC team  and ATC players making a good platform for chess players, now my father told me his target is to achieve 1200 atc rating fininishing in this week..thank you once again every one who wished”.

MRMR says: Chethanji
Your father’s presence at ATC will inspire everyone young and old. Please bring him as long as he wishes.
Mrs. Ruchi Rajan from Delhi says:
Age is never a limit in chess..Atc is indeed a great platform .. Keeps you motivated always to do better and better.
Mr. K.V. Anand says: Congatulations to Sri Govindlal sharm. very happy to see Sri .Govindlal sharmaji after long time.He secured 3rd place in a tournament conducted by Karimnagar district chess association  at Karimnagar in 1988 . In that tournament P.D.S. Girinath is  winner and other prize winners are T.Damodhar Rao,Vijayasaradhi,Ramdas,Quavi saif and S.Ravinder Singh (now Karimnagar Mayor)
Mr. Alok from Delhi assures: Mr. Govindlal Sharma, sure of reaching his target 1200 ATC rating this week.
Mr. Pramod, a famous arbiter for the state Telangana and Karnataka appreciates the interest in a 66year elderly man towards chess.